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L-arginine vs. L-citrulline Benefits

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Supplements L-arginine and L-cittulline are usually used in combination in bodybuilding formulae.  These psupplements can help in maintaining muscle tissue and support protein metabolism. These supplements come under non-essential amino acids. Among them necessity of L-citrulline is least because when taken, this will again get converted to L-arginine in the blood vessels. These supplements can increase strength in the bodybuilders, stamina, energy and they can even enhance muscle growth. They increase NO or nitric acid levels in the body.

L-arginine: In the blood stream, this amino acid gets converted into Nitric oxide. It is mainly used by bodybuilders to enhance sexual function, libido and in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions. This amino acid can also be sourced from poultry, beef, oatmeal, nuts, pork, lupins, chickpeas, gelatin wheat germ and flour.

This mainly helps the body to synthesize proteins and build muscle tissue. So this leads to increased muscular repair and growth. In the formation of bones and tendons L-arginine is the main component. Production of growth hormones and natural sterols are also stimulated by L-arginine which helps in muscle rebuilding and enlargement in intense workouts. It even accelerates healing and can enhance immunity.

Along with the pre-treatment of Vit C and E, L-arginine can significantly increase the production of NO during intense exercises or cycling. L-arginine helps in removing cortisol which is responsible for waste products and stress levels in the body.

L-citrulline: The name of this supplement has its origin in Latin. In Latin citrulls means watermelon. The natural sources of L-citrulline include watermelon, garlic, milk protein, onions, and cucumber.
This supplement is mainly used for high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction and sickle cell disease. It is even useful in enhancing athletic performance, increasing energy, body building and heart disease.

Commonly recommended dose is 3g per twice a day. This supplement helps in reducing body fat levels. This helps in balancing natural energy production in the body. This can be useful in the conditions like sudden drop off of ATP energy while during workouts. This supplement also acts as vasodilator. It helps in expanding as well as opening of blood vessels. This leads to reduction of blood pressure levels. L-citrulline even helps in the release of nitric acid which is beneficial for weight and strength training athletes. This can also contribute to urea cycle by removing lactic acid from the body.

L-arginine and L-citrulline:

There is a confusion which many bodybuilders face is that whether to use L-arginine or L-citrulline in their diet to increase nitric oxide levels in the body.  A research showed that by the intake of 3 grams of L-citrulline has increased both L-arginine and NO levels. Breaking down of L-citrulline by-passes the liver, whereas the breaking down of L-arginine by the enzyme arginase happens in the liver.

If one takes L-arginine, first it will be oxidized into N-hydroxyl-arginine. Further oxidation of this releases nitric oxide. Both these supplements are nitric oxide boosting substances. Both of them help in easing congestion and clogging and help in eliminating oxidation stress. Many researches showed that L-citrulline is more effective even at low dose.

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