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The Substantive Approach To Do Away With Drug Addiction

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Like you, many of us are often concerned about the bleak future that awaits the sons and daughters in our neighborhood who are addicted to drugs or became alcoholics. Question is, how can you know if the sweet teen boy in your house or the young graduate next door is a victim of drug addiction. Yes, often you cannot know until it becomes very late or to put it differently, until the condition of the addict really goes out of control. This is the biggest problem that any treatment or rehabilitation approach faces with addiction. 

Well, is there any solution that we can depend upon to leave this unknown risk behind? Precisely, this is why we are going to focus on substantive approach t do away with drug addiction here. First of all, remember that a ready-in-hand treatment to do away with drugs and addiction won’t come to help as this is a social issue related to behavioral problems, psychological upbringing, mental trauma and negative impacts on the mind and well being. 

So, rather than treating it like a virus born disease it should be treated with an in-depth approach comprising psychological and behavioral therapy, counseling, physical training, social and family support and a very controlled use of certain clinical drugs. The following aspects may help in understanding the substantive approach to treating drug addiction.  

Anyone of us can become addict :

No one can be born addicts but certain psychic effects emanating from social interactions and various setbacks in life often compel people to get addicted to the so-called ‘hallucinatory state of mind’ offered by drugs and alcohol. Here are some common areas of negative impacts that can push your loved one to take up an addiction. Watch for these signs and effects. 

·                   Tired, depressed and non-energetic moods occurring frequently
·                   Hostile and impatient behavior
·                   Losing friends or change in peers
·                   Breaking relationship or death of dear ones
·                   Careless and often unloved grooming
·                   Bad academic performance followed by rebuttal from the family
·                   Bunking classes and fleeing from school
·                   Hectic and arrogant behavior with people around
·                   Continuously deteriorating relationships with everyone in family and friends

What to do when you find your boy taking drugs? 

Yes, that is the big question the guardians of addicts face. Would it help by going straight to rehab centers? Or, you should counsel your boy yourself at home and believe in his words that he would quit it the very next moment? Or, should you beat him to pulps and warn him arrogantly against the habit? Are you confused? Can’t you figure out what should be your step? Well, calm down for a moment and understand that you have to figure out the intensity of the problem first before actually stepping into any treatment. 

So, avoid any arrogant actions as this will only make your son turn more towards the negative frame of mind responsible for catching addiction. We recommend, going through a medical examination to know how severe his addiction is and for how long he is continuing with the drug. Secondly, get him counseled by experts in this field and start becoming friendly with him. Thirdly, keep him in observation and if the behavioral problem persists, take him to rehab centers for complete clinical and behavioral therapy.  

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