How to spot excessive steroid usage

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Steroids have been used by athletes and professional body builders for long as they help to pile on lean muscle and increase the stamina. However, excessive or prolonged use of steroids can lead to long term damages to the body that are irreversible and can lead to death even. Steroids are not only administered intravenously but they can also be taken orally or through creams.

A special class of steroids such as corticosteroids is prescribed by physicians for treating asthma and other skin ailments. On the other hand, anabolic steroids are used by those who want to bulk up or enhance their performance in some sporting event. High school students too haven’t been spared its usage. Many seniors have admitted to taking steroids for enhancing their performance on field. The pressure to perform in order to get selected by a college has often driven them to do so. It has been claimed by more than a million Americans that they have made use of steroids at some point in time. Around 46 percent seniors in high school have admitted to getting it quite easily. 

Even though steroids have to be administered in limited dosage, most do not consult a physician before starting on them. This can lead to an overdose of steroids, leading to numerous undesired problems. 

There are several visible signs of steroid use that users must look out for. Even the slightest hint of it should be taken seriously and the dosage must be changed or stopped.

Masculine features in Women

A lot of women who use steroids display signs of masculinity. The prolonged usage of steroids leads to a rise in the levels of testosterone in the body. This leads to appearance of facial and body hair, increased aggression, change in skin texture, hoarsening of the voice and even male pattern baldness.

Femininity observed in men

Men too experience similar effects when excessive steroids are administered to them. The testosterone produced in the body is converted to oestrogen. The noticeable signs for this occurrence include a lowering of the libido, shrinking of testes, impotence, male breasts and even decreased sperm count.

Generic signs observed in both men and women

There are several other visible signs of steroid use that can be seen in men and women, including increase in body weight, skin problems such as increase in pore size and red to purple acne on the back and shoulder and stretch marks that have appeared due to a gain in muscle.

The excessive usage of steroids affects the cardiovascular and renal systems. Kidney problems that arise due to excessive usage of steroid manifest as an increase in blood pressure, swelling around the lower legs and ankles, lower back pain and fever. Liver damage caused by steroid can be ascertained by yellowing of the skin or through jaundice.

The side effects of steroid usage can also manifest in the form of behavioral changes such as forgetfulness, abusive behavior, hallucinations, depression, disrupted patterns of sleep paranoia and withdrawal from interaction with friends and family members. 

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