The Top Workout Plans for Women

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You may have read dozens of tips on how best to incorporate a workout plan. Some ideas may seem reasonable while others could very well be far fetched. As a woman, the last thing you want is to hear a man give you his opinion on how to reach your goals. Instead, you prefer to get your advice from the sisterhood of fitness divas. To that end we will explore the top workout plans for woman.

1. Sharing goals is divine. The people you hang out with are the ones you want to influence you and in positive ways. Certainly, you can’t always choose your work partners or your classmates, but you can choose among them those that do a stellar job of building you up instead of tearing you down. Hang out with those people who have similar goals, including exercise.

2. Know your comfort zone and move out of it. When it comes to exercise, we may have a comfort zone we prefer to operate within. That’s only natural as we are creatures of habit. At the same time, your comfort zone does you no favors. If you absolutely want to bring about change, then you need to be willing to step out to the unknown in an effort to improve yourself advises Fitness 19.

3. Define your goals and track your progress. Every individual has goals or at least they should. If you want to reach for something, then you have to define what that is and how best to get there. Once you get started, you’ll need to track your progress in an effort to gauge your effectiveness. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available to help you in your quest. Download the app that is right for you and get started.

4. Machines are your friends. There are a variety of ways to approach your fitness regimen. Using technology, especially machines, will help you. Familiarize yourself with the equipment available and how it can work best for you. Some people get started with a full-body workout, one that strengthens muscles and endurance.

5. Fitness isn’t measured in muscle mass. A lot of people, particularly men, equate fitness with muscle mass. Some women do too, but they’re all mistaken. While muscle mass is important, it isn’t the size of your muscles that matter. What really matters is cardiorespiratory endurance as well as flexibility and endurance. There is no need here to worry that you’ll be transformed into a hulking mess.

6. Give yourself a break. A break? What does that mean? No, it doesn’t mean taking days off and not working out — unless you’re really, really sick. Instead, your breaks should take place between your various regimens. In other words, one or two minutes between sets is all you need to allow your body to cool down, drink some water or head to the bathroom.

7. Planning will keep you on purpose. No goal is ever reached without careful planning. Here, you need to create a blueprint and follow it carefully. Your blueprint doesn’t have to be set in stone — you may want to modify it as you go. In any case, guidance from a carefully crafted plan is everything you need to stay focused and ready to reach your goals.

8. Your diet matters. A lot. No exercise regimen is complete without a complementary good diet. What you eat impacts your health, therefore opt for lean meats, avoid sugary drinks, and consume plenty of water.  Never undermine your efforts by eating poorly — choose healthy foods and you’ll have a diet plan that works great with your fitness regimen.

Reaching Your Goals

Stay on path and you’ll reach your goals. Be accountable to at least one other person and you’ll have the impetus you need to stay focused. Never give in, don’t give up, and if you’re working out with friends, encourage each other. The sisterhood of fitness is composed of like-minded women who know that they can accomplish much more as a team than they would alone.

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