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A Few Common Questions Asked by Swim Parents

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They are the ones continuously motivating the little swimmers in the pool, they are the ones waking up early in the morning to get their little ones ready for the swim competitions, they are the ones who cancel their important board meetings to be present in the stands near the swimming pools to see the apple of their eyes winning the championship, they are the proud swim parents! And as any other parents, they also have several queries regarding their kids’ swim sessions, and it’s quite natural on their part to be curious about their child’s swimming classes. 

Here are some of the most common questions asked by the swim parents worldwide:

·         How many training sessions my child should do each week?

Although there isn’t a fixed timeframe for a kid to learn swimming in a week, some of them can go for 7 classes to even 10-11 classes a week. Everything is based on the FLAG principle:

F: Fatigue, L: Level of Performance, A: Availability, G: Goal. So, it’s the parents’ job to decide about the total days in a week when they can send their children to the swim club based on this FLAG principle.

·         What is the right age for specialization in swimming for my kid?

Parents must know that a child’s right age for specialization in swimming depends upon how quickly he can adapt to the different strokes of swimming. 

·         What is the best diet for my swimmer kid?

Yes, this is indeed a very important query and parents should give much priority to the diet of their swimmer kids. They should drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated in the pool. Also, there should be more carbohydrates, lean proteins like fish, chicken, etc., fruit juices and less of packaged food, junk food, sodas and unsaturated fats in their diet. 

·         How to find the best swim club/coach for my kid?

According to experts, the best swim coach for kids must have a combination of five Cs in his personality. He should be calm, credible, confident, caring and close. And hence, you will first need to search for a swim club near you which has proper trainers who have all the five Cs in their personalities! Do a bit of research first, make a list of the swim clubs near to your place, pay a visit to them personally, interact with the trainers, and you will get an idea as to which one will be the best for your dear kid!

So, if you have been thinking about sending your child to a swim club off late, you must have got the answers to a few of your queries already, didn’t you? Now, the only thing you will need to do is search for a reputed kids’ swim club in Houston in order to take a step ahead in fulfilling your dream of making your kid a good swimmer in the future. All the best!

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