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5 Excuses Smokers Come Up With To Justify Their Tobacco Cravings

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We humans often come up with some excuses to make our lives a tad convenient. We deny what's true, and tend to look for shortcuts. This hypothesis holds true for cigarette addicts as well. Often instead of shunning the lethal stuff or thinking about how to quit tobacco, they find the easiest way to grab the next pack of cigarettes. If you have been trying to help someone quit tobacco, chances are you have come across at least one of the following five common excuses smokers resort to:
 1. Cigarettes Relieve Stress
No matter what smokers think, nicotine does not de-stress anyone. Instead, when a person has nicotine cravings, it makes him more anxious and stressed. Therefore, when he takes a few drags of a cigarette, he feels a little better. The next time you hear a smoker use this excuse, tell him that a person feels much relieved after quitting. What’s more, he won’t have any nicotine cravings after that. Even if the craving strikes, ask him to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and soon the craving will pass. He can go for a walk in the park or drink a glass of cold water to let the craving subside.
2. Cigarettes Will Rob Me of My Social Life
Most smokers think that cigarettes make them more social in a gathering or party. They feel that they can strike an interesting conversation with their friends only when they smoke with other smokers or when they're partying at a night club. They also think that they develop a better rapport with colleagues during a smoke break. These are just silly excuses; many people enjoy a great social life without resorting to cigarettes.
3. I Can't Quit Now
Smokers always say that they can't kick the butt ‘now’ whenever asked to quit. If you hear someone say this, offer a ‘solution’. Ask the person to choose a quit date. It may be the first day of a working week or the start of a holiday. This will help him remember the quit date easily.
4. Smoking Makes Me Look Cool
Many youngsters think that holding a cigarette stick between their fingers makes them look super-cool. Teenagers especially think that they've finally grown up and can smoke to their heart's content. If you know someone who is ‘suffering’ from the same misconception, highlight a few details. Smoking blackens fingers, stains the teeth and makes one look much older. Regular smoking also makes the skin dull and wrinkly. Cigarettes also produce foul body odor, and the smell of tobacco sticks to the clothes and hair and refuses to go. If someone loves to look good and smell better, he must do away with this habit as soon as possible.
5. I Have Already Damaged My Health
Many smokers are reluctant to quit as they feel that much damage has already been done by the cigarettes. Therefore, quitting tobacco will not make much of a difference to their health. Explain to them that it is not too late. Ask the person to quit immediately because the healing process starts the moment one puts down the last cigarette.  He will notice remarkable improvements such as an improved sense of smell and taste as well as improved breathing just a couple of days after  quitting. And that’s not all. Even others around the person will benefit as they won’t be subjected to passive smoking anymore.
Making excuses is easy, but once a smokers looks beyond these he can make remarkable progress on the path to improved health conditions. It is important that you as a well-wisher inspire a smoker to quit. Don’t just back off when you hear the excuses. Instead, highlight how to quit tobacco and help the person achieve his goal.

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