4 to Achieving Success in Triathlon Swim

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If you are an advanced level swimmer and are looking for something different and challenging, taking steps towards becoming a triathlete is something that could be beneficial for advancing your swim skills.. A swimmer needs enough strength to perform three consecutive sports activities in a row without stopping and with equal efficiency. Triathlon comprises running, swimming and cycling and since, swimming usually falls in the middle of the other two activities, your swimming should be smooth and steady. 

Here is a list of a few tips and tricks, in which you can master the technique of triathlon swimming better.

Time Your Kicks
. As we initially learn to swim, we are taught that kicking is one of the main aspects during each stroke. Yes, kicks are important but the way they work will slightly vary when it comes to swimming in a triathalon. When you start swimming, your body will already be tired from running, hence a strong kick will have chances of increasing your heart beat instead of helping you gain speed and distance. The trick is to take a deep breath, put your head in the water and let the legs float up to position and let the arms work more. Once you have gained momentum, get ready to add in the kick.

Never Lose Sight
Just as sighting in the open water can be difficult, it is the same case in at riathlon. You might lose track of the buoys and course markers in the hustle of the swim. Just don’t panic and remember to set a landmark right behind any buoys. This landmark can be a building, tree or anything that is clearly identifiable from the distance. Aim for looking at it whenever you pop your head out of the water.

Identify Your Weak Side
Most swimmers are unaware of the fact that their body has a stronger and a weaker side. It is essential that you identify the weak side and put less stress on it, especially during a triathlon swim. To identify yours tronger side, just swim in the open water with your eyes closed and you will certainly end up swimming either on the right or the left side of the body, no matter how slight the difference is.

Wear a Wetsuit
Wearing a wetsuit is a must and it is more so in the case of a triathlon. A wetsuit keeps you warm in the cold water and more importantly, it increases your buoyancy. Swimming in a wetsuit helps you swim faster and with a higher level of efficiency.

So, keep these tips in mind and practice consistently to become a better triathlete.

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