Safety and Hygiene Tips for Swimmer Kids

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Your little one must be having a great time learning swimming in the excellent swim school in which you have enrolled him. Well, learning swimming is indeed the best way of having fun, relaxing and at the same time, engaging in some excellent exercises to stay healthy as always. Having said that, there are a lot of safety concerns that you need to keep in mind especially when your kid goes out for swimming in the public pool in your neighborhood. While the pool in the swim school is well-maintained by the authorities and is, therefore, safe for your little one, the public pool might not abide by those security standards. However, instead of asking your kid not to swim elsewhere apart from the swim school only, it is better to make him/her strictly follow a safety regime. Here, take a look at some essential tips on helping your child maintain hygiene even when he/she swims in open, public pools.

·         Always make them wash their hands after a toilet break and before jumping into the pool. Kids, in all their excitement, often dive straight into the pool right after a toilet session. This increases their chances of getting affected by germs and diseases to a much higher extent than when his hands are clean. And this rule should be followed even during your kid’s swimming classes in Chandler, AZ. The faster they make it a habit, the more assured you will be of their safety.
·         Equally important is taking a shower right before a session of swimming in the pool. Pool water contains a lot of chemicals and substances that are harmful for the human body. Experts believe that a good shower and cleansing of all the dirt reduces the chances of bringing in the unwanted dirt and other undesirable stuff to a significant extent.
·         Ask your kid to be particularly careful and make sure that he does not end up taking the pool water in his mouth. However, as an amateur swimmer, this might not always be feasible. So, even if he takes the water in his mouth, swallowing it is a strict no-no. In the rare case of your child swallowing the pool waters, immediately take him to the doctor and take precautions accordingly before he catches up some disease.
·         It might be a public pool but there must be some pool authorities who are assigned with the responsibility of maintaining the pool. As a doting parent, it is obvious for you to be a little extra cautious about your child’s safety. Therefore, it is always OK to approach the authorities and verify about the safety standards they are following to ensure that the pool is conducive to the skin and the overall health of the kids. If the answer is not satisfactory and if you are left with doubts, then it is better not to let your little one get into the water at all.

Follow these safety tips and behold the innocent ones having their best time swimming.

4 to Achieving Success in Triathlon Swim

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If you are an advanced level swimmer and are looking for something different and challenging, taking steps towards becoming a triathlete is something that could be beneficial for advancing your swim skills.. A swimmer needs enough strength to perform three consecutive sports activities in a row without stopping and with equal efficiency. Triathlon comprises running, swimming and cycling and since, swimming usually falls in the middle of the other two activities, your swimming should be smooth and steady. 

Here is a list of a few tips and tricks, in which you can master the technique of triathlon swimming better.

Time Your Kicks
. As we initially learn to swim, we are taught that kicking is one of the main aspects during each stroke. Yes, kicks are important but the way they work will slightly vary when it comes to swimming in a triathalon. When you start swimming, your body will already be tired from running, hence a strong kick will have chances of increasing your heart beat instead of helping you gain speed and distance. The trick is to take a deep breath, put your head in the water and let the legs float up to position and let the arms work more. Once you have gained momentum, get ready to add in the kick.

Never Lose Sight
Just as sighting in the open water can be difficult, it is the same case in at riathlon. You might lose track of the buoys and course markers in the hustle of the swim. Just don’t panic and remember to set a landmark right behind any buoys. This landmark can be a building, tree or anything that is clearly identifiable from the distance. Aim for looking at it whenever you pop your head out of the water.

Identify Your Weak Side
Most swimmers are unaware of the fact that their body has a stronger and a weaker side. It is essential that you identify the weak side and put less stress on it, especially during a triathlon swim. To identify yours tronger side, just swim in the open water with your eyes closed and you will certainly end up swimming either on the right or the left side of the body, no matter how slight the difference is.

Wear a Wetsuit
Wearing a wetsuit is a must and it is more so in the case of a triathlon. A wetsuit keeps you warm in the cold water and more importantly, it increases your buoyancy. Swimming in a wetsuit helps you swim faster and with a higher level of efficiency.

So, keep these tips in mind and practice consistently to become a better triathlete.
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Ways to Become an Expert Dental with Broad Knowledge

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In the worldwide, the majority of the individual prove their skills through their studies along with their works. There are various sorts of professional studies accessible to show your deep knowledge; one of the main studies is dental. If you, the individual desire to study the dental course the first thing, you have to join at the well-reputed dental school. The dental assistant school is more effective to learn completely about the dental with full-fledged. The dental school is the only way to learn more with some additional knowledge with deep study. The dental school have lots of experienced staff to guide and teach you in both practical and theory way. Both the ways are helpful and keep you to handle all the critical cases; when the patient who approach you to treat their dental problems. The dental problems are common to all and give severe pain. The dental school trains you in an efficient manner through latest technology such as x-rays, state of the art treatment room with modern equipment and CAD-CAM. 

The Dental Assisting School of Georgia has been more popular and familiar to all by their effective guiding skills and other practices to their students. The providing class schedules are comfortable and convenient to learn the dental courses. They also offer various dental courses with excellent dental modern equipment, clinical supplies, study materials, etc. All these offers are only for you to meet all your requirements and make a way to become a good and famous dental in your local region. The dental school almost certified and already many students started their bright future with their affordable chance. You can easily study the entire dental with affordable price and no more additional charges. It is the right time to begin the journey to achieve the best dental assistant. The staff’s main aim has to prepare the students with complete knowledge and experience in the dental field more. The students get trained with the help of experienced dental assistant and one day he or she will become like this. The students will learn more from the basic dental studies, clinical skills, expertise in laboratory and various practical experiences. The dental assisting training delivers the students hands on experience and training required to follow successful careers in this dentistry field. 

The dental assistant program also offered in the dental school with various effective programs. Some sort of dental programs such as gum infections, cavities along with various dental problems aren’t painful, but it leads to various health problems such as heart disease. So, they train the students with various practical dental programs to handle the patient in the modern way without feasible worry. The dental assistant aids the dentists during procedures and examinations. They also make the patients for their test, sterilize equipments, take x-rays and do plenty of on-site laboratory works. You can also achieve the dental study through the online site. It is almost best way to build your dental career at the peak level with wide-ranging expertise. 

Vishant Nath, DMD is the director at DASGeorgia.  He is an active member of the American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, Northern District Dental Society, and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

The Top Workout Plans for Women

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You may have read dozens of tips on how best to incorporate a workout plan. Some ideas may seem reasonable while others could very well be far fetched. As a woman, the last thing you want is to hear a man give you his opinion on how to reach your goals. Instead, you prefer to get your advice from the sisterhood of fitness divas. To that end we will explore the top workout plans for woman.

1. Sharing goals is divine. The people you hang out with are the ones you want to influence you and in positive ways. Certainly, you can’t always choose your work partners or your classmates, but you can choose among them those that do a stellar job of building you up instead of tearing you down. Hang out with those people who have similar goals, including exercise.

2. Know your comfort zone and move out of it. When it comes to exercise, we may have a comfort zone we prefer to operate within. That’s only natural as we are creatures of habit. At the same time, your comfort zone does you no favors. If you absolutely want to bring about change, then you need to be willing to step out to the unknown in an effort to improve yourself advises Fitness 19.

3. Define your goals and track your progress. Every individual has goals or at least they should. If you want to reach for something, then you have to define what that is and how best to get there. Once you get started, you’ll need to track your progress in an effort to gauge your effectiveness. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available to help you in your quest. Download the app that is right for you and get started.

4. Machines are your friends. There are a variety of ways to approach your fitness regimen. Using technology, especially machines, will help you. Familiarize yourself with the equipment available and how it can work best for you. Some people get started with a full-body workout, one that strengthens muscles and endurance.

5. Fitness isn’t measured in muscle mass. A lot of people, particularly men, equate fitness with muscle mass. Some women do too, but they’re all mistaken. While muscle mass is important, it isn’t the size of your muscles that matter. What really matters is cardiorespiratory endurance as well as flexibility and endurance. There is no need here to worry that you’ll be transformed into a hulking mess.

6. Give yourself a break. A break? What does that mean? No, it doesn’t mean taking days off and not working out — unless you’re really, really sick. Instead, your breaks should take place between your various regimens. In other words, one or two minutes between sets is all you need to allow your body to cool down, drink some water or head to the bathroom.

7. Planning will keep you on purpose. No goal is ever reached without careful planning. Here, you need to create a blueprint and follow it carefully. Your blueprint doesn’t have to be set in stone — you may want to modify it as you go. In any case, guidance from a carefully crafted plan is everything you need to stay focused and ready to reach your goals.

8. Your diet matters. A lot. No exercise regimen is complete without a complementary good diet. What you eat impacts your health, therefore opt for lean meats, avoid sugary drinks, and consume plenty of water.  Never undermine your efforts by eating poorly — choose healthy foods and you’ll have a diet plan that works great with your fitness regimen.

Reaching Your Goals

Stay on path and you’ll reach your goals. Be accountable to at least one other person and you’ll have the impetus you need to stay focused. Never give in, don’t give up, and if you’re working out with friends, encourage each other. The sisterhood of fitness is composed of like-minded women who know that they can accomplish much more as a team than they would alone.
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The most outstanding shoes for sufferers of planter fasciitis

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Many people in our time suffer from planter fasciitis. They are willing to wear the best suitable shoes and overcome this health problem without any negative side effect. They can take note of attention-grabbing features of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis in 2016. If they have listened to these shoes, then they will make an informed decision about how to buy a brand new pair of shoes as per their requirements.  The following details explain you the most recommended shoes for planter fasciitis. 

Walker athletic shoes 

Womens Orthaheel, Walker athletic shoe is an ideal choice for every woman who suffers from planter fasciitis. This sneaker is recommended for women who seek how to overcome planter fasciitis by wearing the best suitable sneaker. Women who wear this sneaker do not fail to heal their heel pain problems and get the most expected relief.  Qualified podiatrists have designed this sneaker with an objective to provide the best solution for those who suffer from a heel pain problem.  The maximum support from this sneaker enhances the overall comfort for women who wear it.  If you seek sneaker for your everyday activities, then you can prefer and buy this sneaker. 

Dr. Weil Rhythm Women’s Lace-UP Walking has a sporty chick design from top to bottom. The best in class materials in this pair of walking shoes gives the maximum support and comfort for everyone. Sufferers of heel pain do not fail to think about how they can buy the right pair of shoes.  Lightweight nature of this pair of shoes satisfies everyone who wears it. You may suffer from the arch pain and unable to be comfortable with the usual sneaker these days. You can choose this sneaker right now. 

Aided Motion System technology is the foremost attraction of this stylish sneaker.  The overall alignment of your feet is adjusted by this outstanding system.  An orthotic footbed in this sneaker has the best stuff to align the lower limbs. You may use this system as per your convenience. This is because this element in the sneaker can be removed and replaced easily with high quality custom insoles. This is worthwhile to order this shoe after a complete examination of your foot size. You will get the most suitable sneaker when you choose half a size larger than usual size of the shoe. 

The most special sneakers 

Vionic Tahoe Lace-Up women’s walker from the Orthaheel is a causal sneaker for sufferers of planter fasciitis.  Different colours this man made sneaker grasp the attention of women who have planned to buy a casual design of an affordable sneaker.  Users of this sneaker these days get the utmost stability, comfort and cushioning. This is because the rubber outsole and orthotic footbed. 

Orthaheel Men’s Walker is a good choice for every man who has geared up to wear an ideal pair of sneaker and overcome their planter fasciitis problem.  Men who wear this sneaker do not fail to experience the maximum comfort and support.  The best in class arch support, deep heel cup, built-in motion control, a footbed and other elements in this sneaker make everyone comfortable. 
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Onnit 180 – A Review

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Onnit 180 is an energy booster and cognitive skills enhancer in the form of a drink mix. This is produced from the same producer of the famous alpha brain supplements. Onnit 180 Is basically taken to fight stress and help in the recovery from an intense physical activity as well as mental activity. Onnit 180 is made up of nearly twenty nootropic components like adaptogens to help with your stress, vitamin b12 for energy and other compounds which help in boosting acetylcholine. 

Onnit 180 is taken when you face jet lag, have a hangover or any kind of fatigue state. One can take energy drink for this purpose but there is caffeine present in these energy drinks, whereas in Onnit 180, there is no caffeine. Here is a review of Onnit 180.

Pros and cons of Onnit 180: 

  • Supports cognitive thinking with the ingredients of alpha brain.
  • Adaptogents present in Onnit 180 help reduce stress
  • Get an enhanced energy without any stimulants
  • The new mood compositions help you be in a positive mood
  • The immune function of the body is boosted because of Onnit 180 as it contains many types of anti-oxidants, minerals, herbs and vitamins.
  • There is only one downside to Onnit 180, which is its cost. The cost per serving is quite high.
Effects of Onnit 180
  1. Thebase of Onnit 180 is derived from Alpha brain which helps in enhancing the cognitive intelligence.
  2. Onnit 180increases the circulation to the brain with the help of vinpocetine and at the same time it cuts stress with vitamin b6 and bacopa.
  3. The vitamin B12 improves the motor skills and protects the brain cells. This vitamin is present in the form of methylcobalamin.
  4. Ashwagandha is present in Onnit 180 which boosts the mental energy.
ü  Onnit 180 is taken mainly for delivering energy and relief from the stress and fatigue in the body.
ü  Onnit 180 also helps in renewing your energy either physical or mental when you have a long day at work or you have parties quite hard all night long.
ü  People who used Onnit 180 experienced that they have become calm and focused.  They also had peaceful and calm feelings and overall positive perspective. 

Final review of Onnit 180

Individuals suffering from acute fatigue can be benefitted from Onnit 180. This is a better option than relying on the sugar filled drinks that are available in the market as energy drinks. Onnit 180constitutes a nootropic formula which is basically manufactured to improve the brain cell function. Onnit 180 has analytical cognitive enhancers which increase the memory and focus. Users have experienced better brain function, clear thoughts and better memory. Individuals have been able to accomplish work targets and tasks even when they have extreme exhaustion of hangover. Onnit 180 is quite expensive and it is better if you buy this supplement in bulk. Users do enjoy the convenience of the pre measured and pre-packaged doses.
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What is the Importance of a Nurse Practitioner?

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It is the harsh reality of life that without even going through some minor health problems, you can never stay healthy for years. Whether it comes to mental or physical aspect, for an individual who is immensely fit having a rattling cough or even falling sick may seem like too much. But the point is, these are just illnesses which can be cured by any prime health care provider. A nurse practitioner is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to primary Wound Care services.

According to Gloria Pedruco, who is an experienced nurse practitioner, for an individual who just needs just the primary health care services, a nurse practitioner might just be the best choice. Of providing care for primary health concerns, a nurse practitioner is highly trained in all aspects. This may include treating the patient, educating the patient, diagnosis in the patient, prevention of the disease and so on.

Only after working under numerous disciplines for many years, most of the nurse practitioners often enter this profession. Therefore more than just bookish knowledge, for complicated cases which demands practical knowledge, this provides them with valuable experience which can prove to be very useful. In fact, according to some skilled experts, in comparison to doctors, some nurse practitioners maybe even more suitable for particular health problems. This is mainly because of the fact that in that particular field, these nurse conditioners may already have years of experience working which really adds up for the person, making it easier to treat, diagnose and prescribe lifestyle changes and medications to the patients.

The services of primary health care which a distinctive NP offers are as follows:

1.        The nurse practitioners make it the primary opinion to always scrutinize a patient at first and then only depending on the results of the examination which they just took, they evaluate the patient.
2.        Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure does not really need a doctor to be figured out. A nurse practitioner can very efficiently carry out a pressure test by which he or she can point out that whether a patient has a low blood pressure or high blood pressure problem. Therefore nurse practitioners are really good at treating and also diagnosing any chronic conditions and acute health issues. 
3.        Prior to being a NP, with their galore experience in many crucial fields, a practitioner is rarely challenged when it comes to proposing medications which deliver with top-class results.
4.        According to Gloria Pedruco, a nurse practitioner is really good at managing and also initiating the overall health care of their patients.
5.        A nurse practitioner can play a key role in the matter when it comes to health counseling. They are certainly very good at educating patients on diverse diseases and their indications. Also from happening at the first place, they can provide one with a fair idea as to how this diseases can be prevented.

Before joining nursing school, some nurse practitioners even worked at highly esteemed places with the WHO or like the Peace Corps therefore it is only evident that such NPs will have a much wider viewpoint to health care.
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The Best Way To STD Screening Singapore

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Getting STD screening in Singapore can be a very daunting experience although it does not have to be.

Many people know that they have to go for regular STD testing. In fact, getting regularly tested for Chlamydia especially in young women, is recommended and encouraged by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. Testing for HPV is also actively recommended and promoted.

Many STDs do not cause symptoms. So a person may not know that he or she is infected with an STD until it causes potentially serious complications.

So if everyone knows that STD screening is important, necessary and even encouraged by the Singapore government, why are people still so hesitant to get STD screening in Singapore?

This article is to de-mystify STD screening in Singapore and address 2 common misconceptions.

The first common misconception is that once you have been diagnosed with an STD, the Singapore Government will be notified. Singaporeans are worried this may affect their jobs especially if they work in the public sector. They may also be worried that their family members will be notified. Foreigners are worried they will be deported. Fortunately, these are all urban myths.

For Singaporeans, the Government collects statistics on STDs to guide public education and awareness initiatives. They will never ever contact you, your employer, your family or any one else. Our clinics have diagnosed and treated countless of people with STDs and not a single one of them has ever been contacted by any authority in Singapore.

For foreigners, some are required to undergo certain STD tests in order to renew their work or employment visa. For some, this will include a HIV and/or Syphilis test. For certain specific high risk occupations namely Commercial Sex Workers and Masseuses, they are required to undergo regular Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screening. So for the vast majority of foreigners working in Singapore, getting tested and even diagnosed with an STD like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes etc will have absolutely no impact on their visas, employment and stay in Singapore.

The second common misconception is that STD screening is always expensive.

This is because many clinics sell packages that contain tests that you may not need. Or these packages may not contain tests that you actually need.

The best thing to do is to have a very honest discussion with our Doctors on your sexual practices and your specific concerns. We will recommend tests suited for you. This way, you do not have to undergo and pay for unnecessary tests. It is OK even if you just want to have a discussion and decide not to do any tests. We are here to help you with the best and latest medical advice.
Sometimes, we see patients with very obvious symptoms such that we can make a diagnosis and begin treatment even without doing any tests.

So come down to our clinics and have a chat with our Doctors. We provide a very comfortable and private setting for you to discuss your sexual exposure and concerns. We are very happy to advise you on the tests you need and the costs of each test. You can then decide for yourself which test you want to do with us. You control the cost.

STD Screening in Singapore does not have to be daunting. Visit our clinics today.
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A Few Common Questions Asked by Swim Parents

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They are the ones continuously motivating the little swimmers in the pool, they are the ones waking up early in the morning to get their little ones ready for the swim competitions, they are the ones who cancel their important board meetings to be present in the stands near the swimming pools to see the apple of their eyes winning the championship, they are the proud swim parents! And as any other parents, they also have several queries regarding their kids’ swim sessions, and it’s quite natural on their part to be curious about their child’s swimming classes. 

Here are some of the most common questions asked by the swim parents worldwide:

·         How many training sessions my child should do each week?

Although there isn’t a fixed timeframe for a kid to learn swimming in a week, some of them can go for 7 classes to even 10-11 classes a week. Everything is based on the FLAG principle:

F: Fatigue, L: Level of Performance, A: Availability, G: Goal. So, it’s the parents’ job to decide about the total days in a week when they can send their children to the swim club based on this FLAG principle.

·         What is the right age for specialization in swimming for my kid?

Parents must know that a child’s right age for specialization in swimming depends upon how quickly he can adapt to the different strokes of swimming. 

·         What is the best diet for my swimmer kid?

Yes, this is indeed a very important query and parents should give much priority to the diet of their swimmer kids. They should drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated in the pool. Also, there should be more carbohydrates, lean proteins like fish, chicken, etc., fruit juices and less of packaged food, junk food, sodas and unsaturated fats in their diet. 

·         How to find the best swim club/coach for my kid?

According to experts, the best swim coach for kids must have a combination of five Cs in his personality. He should be calm, credible, confident, caring and close. And hence, you will first need to search for a swim club near you which has proper trainers who have all the five Cs in their personalities! Do a bit of research first, make a list of the swim clubs near to your place, pay a visit to them personally, interact with the trainers, and you will get an idea as to which one will be the best for your dear kid!

So, if you have been thinking about sending your child to a swim club off late, you must have got the answers to a few of your queries already, didn’t you? Now, the only thing you will need to do is search for a reputed kids’ swim club in Houston in order to take a step ahead in fulfilling your dream of making your kid a good swimmer in the future. All the best!
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5 Excuses Smokers Come Up With To Justify Their Tobacco Cravings

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We humans often come up with some excuses to make our lives a tad convenient. We deny what's true, and tend to look for shortcuts. This hypothesis holds true for cigarette addicts as well. Often instead of shunning the lethal stuff or thinking about how to quit tobacco, they find the easiest way to grab the next pack of cigarettes. If you have been trying to help someone quit tobacco, chances are you have come across at least one of the following five common excuses smokers resort to:
 1. Cigarettes Relieve Stress
No matter what smokers think, nicotine does not de-stress anyone. Instead, when a person has nicotine cravings, it makes him more anxious and stressed. Therefore, when he takes a few drags of a cigarette, he feels a little better. The next time you hear a smoker use this excuse, tell him that a person feels much relieved after quitting. What’s more, he won’t have any nicotine cravings after that. Even if the craving strikes, ask him to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and soon the craving will pass. He can go for a walk in the park or drink a glass of cold water to let the craving subside.
2. Cigarettes Will Rob Me of My Social Life
Most smokers think that cigarettes make them more social in a gathering or party. They feel that they can strike an interesting conversation with their friends only when they smoke with other smokers or when they're partying at a night club. They also think that they develop a better rapport with colleagues during a smoke break. These are just silly excuses; many people enjoy a great social life without resorting to cigarettes.
3. I Can't Quit Now
Smokers always say that they can't kick the butt ‘now’ whenever asked to quit. If you hear someone say this, offer a ‘solution’. Ask the person to choose a quit date. It may be the first day of a working week or the start of a holiday. This will help him remember the quit date easily.
4. Smoking Makes Me Look Cool
Many youngsters think that holding a cigarette stick between their fingers makes them look super-cool. Teenagers especially think that they've finally grown up and can smoke to their heart's content. If you know someone who is ‘suffering’ from the same misconception, highlight a few details. Smoking blackens fingers, stains the teeth and makes one look much older. Regular smoking also makes the skin dull and wrinkly. Cigarettes also produce foul body odor, and the smell of tobacco sticks to the clothes and hair and refuses to go. If someone loves to look good and smell better, he must do away with this habit as soon as possible.
5. I Have Already Damaged My Health
Many smokers are reluctant to quit as they feel that much damage has already been done by the cigarettes. Therefore, quitting tobacco will not make much of a difference to their health. Explain to them that it is not too late. Ask the person to quit immediately because the healing process starts the moment one puts down the last cigarette.  He will notice remarkable improvements such as an improved sense of smell and taste as well as improved breathing just a couple of days after  quitting. And that’s not all. Even others around the person will benefit as they won’t be subjected to passive smoking anymore.
Making excuses is easy, but once a smokers looks beyond these he can make remarkable progress on the path to improved health conditions. It is important that you as a well-wisher inspire a smoker to quit. Don’t just back off when you hear the excuses. Instead, highlight how to quit tobacco and help the person achieve his goal.
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Here Comes The Saviour Of The People Suffering From Cardiac Arrest

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The human body comprises of five essential organs – the heart, brain, lungs liver and kidneys, each concerned with carrying out its own designated function.  Although they discharge their roles independently, yet the accumulation of all these activities ensure that a person is at the pink of health, both physically as well as emotionally.

But in the midst of this mechanism, if one organ suddenly stops its task, it can hamper the whole system thereby leading to some chronic ailments, the most pronounced amongst them being the cardiac arrest which is a temporary termination of the circulation of blood due to a halt in the functioning of the heart. 

Irregular eating habits, insomniac tendencies, increase in blood pressure or deleterious lifestyle can act as the potential causes.  But often people lack the adequate knowledge necessary for eradicating the possibility of this disease.

 In this regard Michael Telvi based in New York is playing a pioneering role. Telvi, who serves as the leading man of the MSTC INC., is actively involved in making people aware of the predicaments and medications of cardiac illness.

He has become a sensational figure for several reasons. The most noteworthy activity of his that deserves mention is his compassion for the needy and destitute. People who lack the basic means of subsistence receive the advantages of his philanthropic nature. Michael Telvi and his organization not only provide them adequate medical treatment to fight against cardiac illness but also organize fundraiser events to raise fund which is then handed out to them as donation.

Often people might know the symptoms but fail to act according to the need of the situation once the mishap happens. Cardiac ailments are extremely complicated and need immediate attention. Telvi also focuses in this area and disseminates information ranging from the procedure of giving CPR to the patient to calling 911 for seeking urgent help. He also keeps information about the hospitals which cannot afford to buy modern equipments necessary for a surgery thereby causing much inconvenience to the patients. His organization provides them with the necessary stuff so that they can discharge their duties properly.

He is involved in regular experiments with prescription drugs and advanced methodologies of cardiac treatment.  He has made a significant mark by the way he promotes these lifesaving medicines which deserve mention for their excellent quality.  People are taking a keen interest in him for his arrested growth course which satisfies their varied queries regarding cardiac arrest. 

In a society where man is mainly motivated by his selfish motives and needs, Michael Telvi has appeared in the form of a messiah who is passionately devoted and dedicated to the cause of humanity, rendering a service that shows promise in bringing down the rate of mortality giving people assurance that cardiac arrest is something which is definitely curable.