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Best Protein Powder To Increase Muscle Growth

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If building muscle is your primary goal, the international society of sports nutrition recommends whole foods to be your main source of protein. But, in case you use supplements, whey and casein are considered as rich sources of protein for muscle growth. These both proteins are derived from cow’s milk which digests at different rates and increases any muscle-building program with positive effect.

Whey Protein:
Protein is formed with amino acids and certain amino acids are important in your body to maintain muscles. The whey protein includes a high proportion of all certain amino acids. In addition, whey processes through your body quickly and increases muscle growth if you consume right after a workout. You body’s muscles use these amino acids to start repair and build as soon as you put down the weights.

Casein Protein:
Like whey, casein also contains all important amino acids which your body cannot produce itself. But comparatively, whey does not digest quickly and readily. However, when trying for muscle growth, slow digestion can also be an asset. Whey protein provides an immediate supply of amino acids when consumed after a workout, but casein provides amino acids slowly which helps your body receive a steady supply of amino acids as long as seven hours after a workout. This may help to reduce muscle breakdown and soreness so that you can recover quickly and tolerate a greater workout. It is recommended to consume casein just before the bed to prevent muscle breakdown which may occur during your sleep.

Milk Protein:
You all know that milk is great for dunking chocolate chips but, it’s also great for increasing recovery after a workout because it contains all the necessary amino acids in ratio of 80/20 of whey to casein which helps for quick and sustained release of amino acids for muscle gains. When consumed in powder form, it is  one of the best protein powder for muscle growth.

Egg Protein:
Egg is at top of its class when it comes to quality protein with biological value of 100, it contains all the important amino acids for protein synthesis and easily digestible by the body.

Pea Protein:
It is great option for vegetarians who are allergic to dairy and eggs. It boosts 98% digestion rate which means the body is able to use and process almost all amino acids per serving. It is better than other plant-based proteins, which are difficult to digest and can not utilize well by your body.

Target Protein With Well Timing:
Most of the expert nutritionists claim that athletes and individuals who train an intense workout in the gym need to consume a major amount of protein throughout the day. Each meal should contain at least 20-30 grams of protein every three hour or so to optimize muscle-protein synthesis throughout the day.

What Does Research Support?
In research, both whey and casein proved their muscle building abilities. A review Published in Journal of The American College of Nutrition showed that milk proteins are greater than soy protein when it’s the matter of achieving greater muscle mass gain. An Issue in 2004 of Medicine and Science Sports and Exercise published a study proving that, regardless of different effects of amino acid balance, both casein and whey consumed after a workout resulted in same increases in the muscle protein synthesis which is necessary for muscle building process. Another study from 2006 determined that drinking one milk one hour after a leg training exercise enhanced muscle’s ability to go into protein synthesis and build muscle which tells that combination of whey and casein are effective for muscle growth.

Time It Right
Drinking milk won’t get you big muscles. You need to carry harder workouts and excessive training sessions to build lean muscle mass. The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends to follow at least 10 week of training program which consists of 3-5 days of weight lifting exercises. Consume whey and casein powder before 90 minutes of finishing session for optimal uptake and use of amino acids.

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