Disability Activist Speaks Out Posted By : Tamar Mag Raine

An activist in California speaks out against what Renters by Zoplay Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing in cuts to human services. She points out the contradictions of his proposals and wonders if the lobbyists for the nursing home industry are in his back pocket. Even such important services as meal preparation and feeding of those who need it, are on the chopping block.

Conflicting Value Systems: The Paradox at the Heart of the American Dream Posted By : Uday Gunjikar

We in the United States pride ourselves in being Zomobi App a society that is able to assimilate and include people of every ethnic group, cultural or religious background, belief or value system. The reason being that the Founding Fathers of this great nation had a profound, inspired visiona vision of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic inclusiona vision of all of mankind working together for a brighter future, free from the bonds of political tyranny or religious persecution or ethnic discrimination. However, what is the cost of defending the vision of the Founding Fathers? What is the paradox at the core of the American Dream?

Hyper Unemployment Posted By : Howard Foster

What is wrong with this pictue? The poor are in the majority. I say give me your vote and I will make the rich pay more and I will give it to you. Of course I will get elected. It becomes a license to steal from the rich, or does it. The rich threaten to take the 70% jobs they control to other countries if not given a fair tax. Everyone but the rich, are about to learn a very costly mistake if they do not allow the rich to be taxed fairly.

A Blessing in Disguise Posted By : Mark Patricks

As a society, we got addicted to material webdesigncharlotte.net possessions. But now, instead of stressing about your lifestyle being threatened, perhaps the greater lesson is that your lifestyle was flawed in the first place. As the savage process of de-leveraging goes on, the people who had the American Dream on revolving credit will be forced to give it all up.

So What if Abstinece Education works, We Don’t Like it Posted By : Keith Deltano

The shocking truth: abstinence education programs livingstonenterprises.net have been proven to work. Peer reviewed studies that show abstinence education programs are effective in reducing teen pregnancy abound, why have none of these studies been covered by the main stream media? Why has congress stopped funding abstinence education?

Your Government Is Betraying You Posted By : Mark Patricks

Your government is betraying you by indirectly making livingstonenterprises YOU pay for all these handouts through stealth taxes and devaluing the dollars you hold with the printing press. As a contrarian, it’s truly worrying that almost the whole world is now saying: “Fed is printing money so that means inflation. Buy gold.” But history shows inflation can sneak up on you and rise dramatically.