Pros and Cons of double knee replacement

When one thinks of undergoing double knee surgery? When they are suffering from acute arthritis and their knees have almost stopped functioning and have given up.

There are many knee replacement hospitals in India where double knee replacement surgeries are performed. Also if one chooses an experienced surgeon, then there is a higher success rate in this surgery. In fact, double knee replacement is not different that single knee replacement surgeries and they have similar results as well. In both the surgeries the desired result is to have improved knees with better functioning ability and lesser knee pain.

Each and every surgery has its own benefits and risk factors. Here are some listed for those who are thinking of undergoing double knee replacement surgery.


  • If someone is thinking of undergoing this surgery then they should know that they will have to take less time off from work. This is because; there will be only one recovery period scheduled for both the knees. According to an expert surgeon, if the surgery is successful then the patient who has undergone this surgery might take 4 to 6 weeks to get recovered fully and resume their regular work.
  • This also needs one time hospital admission though the number of days that one has to stay there might be longer in comparison to a single knee replacement operation. It is said for a double knee replacement one needs to stay in the hospital for at least 4 days if everything goes okay.
  • There should be a session of physical therapy after the surgery is done. When you go for double knee replacement surgery then one should go for physical therapy 2 or 3 times a week and this should continue for at least 2 months. This will make the knees function well and the recovery also becomes faster.


  • In this particular surgery, there are a few chances of blood clots and infections. But there can be more risks if the patient has diabetes or heart disease. Due to these health problems they have a weaker immune system as compared to others and their body cannot put up a proper defence against germs. So, before and after surgery, the surgeons prescribe blood thinners and antibiotics to these patients to lower the risk of the surgery and it’s after effect.
  • It may happen that your knee post surgery does not bend the angle you want it to bend. This is because; how much it will bend completely depends on how stiff it was before the surgery. The stiffer it was, the less it will bend post surgery but in most cases they bend properly and let the patient do their regular activities.
  • Also during the time of recovery period, one needs to use crutches to stand or walk because none of the knees are in previous condition and they cannot take much pressure in the recovery time.

There are many knee replacement surgery hospitals in India where one can go for this surgery.


Best to Cure Erectile Dysfunction: Kamagra 100

Are you getting irritated of erectile dysfunction? Does your partner often complain of your inability? You know your condition but are embarrassed in disclosing your pitiable situation to anyone? Is your inability creating distance between you and your partner? Hell lot of problems but hold on- here is Kamagra 100 to the rescue!! A real medicine with the sole purpose of bringing happiness and romance back in your life. Erectile dysfunction will no more hinder your bedroom pleasure. Satisfy your partner, reach heights of enjoyment, shriek and scream with Kamagra 100.
What Is Kamagra 100?

Kamagra 100 is a medicine to cure erectile dysfunction containing sildenafil, which is an active ingredient in Viagra. Kamagra 100 has the same ingredients as Viagra, the only difference being in their functioning, while Viagra acts as aphrodisiac Kamagra 100 is a real medicine and perhaps the best medicine in the world and the best solution to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease which can affect male of any age group. Its main reasons are high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart diseases which are very common now days or maybe due to simply an unprecedented accident or ageing. Whatever be the cause, erectile dysfunction creates dissatisfaction in your partner and is often the reason of breaking of a happy relationship or separation of a happy go lucky couple. But now there is no need to worry! Kamagra 100 helps you preserve excitement, joy and happiness in your life by a solution as simple as swallowing a jelly pill 20 to 30 minutes before going to bed. And after that once you get in bed see your vigor and make your partner shout your name whole day.

Kamagra 100 is tried and tested on males from 19 to 84 years of age and gives enough erection to have sex though it does not act as stimulant. It is produced by Indian laboratory Ajanta Pharma which is an international name in production, manufacture and marketing of quality dosages. For more information visit:


  • Kamagra 100 is a real medicine whose sole purpose is cure of erectile dysfunction so a premium quality result is obvious.
  • Apart from being a pure medicine it results in enough erection sufficient for sex. So you are getting two benefits in a single green diamond jelly pill.
  • It is useful for young males of 19 years and above as well as people aged above 80 years which make it effective for a huge population.
  • It has limited side effects.
  • Also available online, no need to trouble chemist.
  • It helps you solve your problem and pleasing your partner without being embarrassed in front of anyone even the doctor.

If you are an old chap missing your young days and looking for pleasure in life but are hopeless, there is no need to lose hope. Revive all your hidden fantasies and fulfill your secret desires full of passion and love with your partner by using Kamagra 100.

So rev up for a passionate session and enjoy your time with Kamagra 100!


How Is Cryotherapy Conducted? Complete Therapy and Mechanism!

Cryotherapy is one of the medicinal treatments that use cold therapy to destroy certain cells. Also, it is known by the name cryosurgery. It can be used to treat local health disorders such as cancer and skin issues like warts.

Dermatologists use Cryo in Houston to treat abnormal skin problems. A probe inserted into the nearby tissue affected is cryosurgery. The probe temperature suddenly drops to freeze that nerve. By freezing nerve get inactivated and therefore the irritation of painful nerve is relieved. This is a safe and effective measure to treat localized nerve irritation. Cryotherapy boosts your overall health in the following way:-

Pain and Muscle Acne

It helps in treating muscle pain and joint disorders like arthritis. Also treat athletic injuries too. As doctors suggest, keep ice packs on injuries and paining muscles for increased blood circulation and promote pain relief.

Temperature Stress

Hormones that are released during any stress, adrenaline and dopamine increases the ability to all those pain, hunger and fatigue. They also reduce inflammation and all related symptoms. Many athletes use this Cryotherapy to recover fast from injury. As the strength of muscles and joints get increased, athletes can get into sports training soon for improved outcome. The muscles and tissues get open from frozen with enriched blood flow throughout the body; one can start doing exercise immediately.

Weight Loss

This Cryotherapy alone cannot work for weight loss rather it can support the process. According to the theory, cold forces our body to turn warmer. Some of the Cryo spas claim to increase the metabolism all day. So people feel less cold as their metabolism get adjusted and increases the cold temperature.

As Cryotherapy helps in pain relief, people get back to their daily workout after an injury easily. Such weight loss benefits very limited people those who got injured from exercises.

Happiness Boost

Moreover, you run for any anti-depressant, get relaxed from Cryo spa in Houston. The reason is it releases endorphins into your bloodstream and make you feel good after the session. The endorphin gets to interact with your pain receptors by reducing pain perception. The level of cortisol gets reduced,and one feels happier.

Prevents Dementia

Cryo reduce inflammation; thereby, it can reduce the risk of getting dementia. As per the study, it shows there is a possibility of reducing the oxidative stress and inflammation related to dementia, cognitive impairment, and any other age-related issues.

Boost Collagen

With regular treatment and Cryotherapy can reduce wrinkles by increasing collagen of skin. A routine of Cryo helps to rejuvenate the matrix of collagen and improves skin resilience and reduce the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite found on the skin surface.

Prevents and Treats Cancer

One of the major benefits of Cryo is it can prevent and treat cancer. When the Cryotherapy reduces your body inflammation, there is a possibility of lowering the risk of getting cancer. As of now, there is no much evidence still medical Cryotherapy is considered for treating a certain form of cancers.

Since Cryotherapy is new, its potential benefits need to be proven. But people who tried it are satisfied with the result.


Everything you must know about diabetes stem cell therapy

Diabetes is a very common and a lifelong condition and thousands of people get diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes every year. This number is only increasing and as a matter of fact there is still no cure for diabetes however the symptoms can surely be controlled. To avoid any kind of long term damage to the health many people are living with daily doses of insulin injections and whatnot.

The reason for diabetes is the high level of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. The beta cells present in the pancreas which release insulin which in turn helps the cells across the body to take up the sugar or glucose from the bloodstream gets hampered.

Diabetes is of two types

Type 1 diabetes – In this kind, the immunity system destroys the beta cells which are present in pancreas and these patients require regular insulin shots and daily tests of blood.

Type 2 diabetes – In this particular kind, the cells are either too insensitive to insulin or maybe very little insulin is getting produced therefore the cells do not take up glucose.

Clinical trials are underway for diabetes stem cell therapy in India where the scientists have been using the pluripotent stem cells in order to produce the cells which respond to the glucose and release insulin as well just like beta cells.

The stem cell therapy is also called as regenerative medicine and is very helpful for the injured, dead or diseased tissues. It actually helps in putting life back into these tissues and hence promotes the reparative response from these. These stem cells are constructed depending on the specialization of the cells such as nerve cells, heart muscle cells, and blood cells and are then implanted in the patients.

The stem cell therapy also comes with lots of advantages and especially to the diabetic patients. As it is known that diabetes is a degenerative disease, these stem cell therapies have actually carved a niche for more and more effective treatment of the same. The diabetes stem cell therapy in India has only opened great possibilities for people so that they can discover treatments and cures and also get over many other illnesses and injuries such as spinal cord injury or diabetes.

These stem cells have an automatic renewal process and they come with a unique ability to become and act like any cell in the body. These are nothing less than a repair kit that the mankind would need in future. It has become a great help for the people who have been enduring the degenerative diseases and also helps in combatting the ill-effects of certain disorders.

In terms of diabetes, the stem cell therapy can prove to be helpful but then it is always better to talk to your doctor and the stem cell specialist regarding the personal condition of the patient. It should also be considered that a small injury to a diabetic person can prove to be fatal and on proper discussion with the doctor, the patient should move forward with the stem cell therapy.



This is a very common issue that people are preferring the ayurvedic treatment and natural herbs over the man-made medical chemicals. The reason behind this is that they fear that the chemical usage, though it has instant effects and results is not very good for health as it may have some side effects on the body. They assume that the natural crushed or natural extract of the herb is better because it will not have any kind of side effects on the body, at least it will not show adverse effects on the body. The people have forgotten one most important thing. What if the sellers of this herb, mix some kind of chemicals and still sell it under the natural brand? Yes, this could actually happen. The natural brand sellers itself might mix some chemicals for improved and better results and then sell to make more money.
Therefore, you should be careful about what you choose. You should choose only trusted brands after a lot of research put into it. One such trusted brand is the KSM- 66 ashwagandha plant. KSM-66 ashwagandha is an ashwagandha crush or extract produced by Ixoreal Biomed, which is created by a special kind of process which involves the principles of “green chemistry ". This particular process itself took 14 full years of proper research and development. This kind of ashwagandha is known all around the world market today for its high- concentration extract. This extract is prepared by the roots of the ashwagandha plant and does not use any kind of chemical solvents or alcohol in its making. Listed here are few features of this particular kind of ashwagandha plant:

  • This particular extract of the ashwagandha plant helps to promote a healthy response and also a proper resistance to the common stress that the people have to deal with and over-work effects and fatigue. 
  • This particular extract of the ashwagandha helps to maintain the normal levels of mental conditions, clarity and steadiness of the brain.
  • This particular type of the herb helps to maintain the appropriate levels of anxiety, activity and performance.
  • This is also known to help in enhancing the performance in the field of sports for athletes and sportspersons.

Why should people prefer using only this particular kind of Ashwagandha:

  • As mentioned earlier, this kind is extracted from the very roots and not just this, it is also done using the super specialized instruments and the best clinical researchers.
  • It is recognized as that one natural herb, which retains the highest percentage of the natural properties that are found in the original herb.
  • Before letting out even a sample, this certified botanical see to it that proper inspection is carried out and also the required number of safety measures are included.
  • On top of all this, this kind of ashwagandha has got a neutral taste. Unlike many other products, it does not taste bitter or sour.


Keep that sexual desire intact

It happens that sometimes, you are not as turned on as you expected yourself to be. Or does it happen more frequently than you anticipated it to be. The way the sexual intercourse enticed you didn’t actually turn out the way you wanted it to. If that is true in your case scenario, then my friend I’m sorry to inform you that you are probably suffering from some sexual disorder. But the good news is that you do not have to worry much about it. There is a product known as Viagra which is available for both males and females. It basically increases the blood circulation in your genitals. And the basic advantage from increased blood circulation is that the sensitivity of tour genital areas increases. And with increasing genital sensitivity you will experience your sexuality at a higher scale.

Why choose female Viagra?

Have you been feeling the urge to lose the sexual desire lately? There can be numerous behind it. One of the major reasons in women could be menopause or pregnancy. When you give birth to a child, you start to lose the sexual desire. But you do not have to worry about it, because if you buy the product known as female or male Viagra available online or in brick and mortar store, they will excite your sexual hormones to another level. But you have go to choose your product carefully because if you choose the wrong product, it might have some negative effect in your system. But if you opt for Viagra from, they will supply you pills which are made from Sildenafil. They are very safe. They do not affect the testosterone levels in your body. The general medicines increase the release of testosterone levels in your body, but with this product it will not be affecting the testosterone levels. It will just increase the blood circulation in your genital areas.

Reasons for loss of sexual desire

As mentioned above, females may tend to lose the sexual desire because of menopause, pregnancy and child birth. The sexual desire also decreases with increasing age (from thirty years old and older). Some may interpret the reduced size of libido as one of the reasons for decrease in sexual desire. The inability to achieve the state of orgasm or painful sexual experiences or inability to feel sexually aroused may also result in decrease in sexual desires.

There is another product available known as Cialis which basically works as a remedy for certain sexual dysfunction in women. Tadalafil is the main ingredient of this medicine. It works like Sildenafil. It increases the blood circulation in your erogenous zones like clitoris, vagina and labia. And you know that increased blood circulation will increase the sensitivity in the zones mentioned and results in sexual excitement which you always desired for.

Now you are aware about the basic medicines that are available in the market to help you with your sexual dysfunction. So, opt for the most appropriate one which suits your body the most. You need not listen to the thoughts which provoke you tolose the sexual desire.


The one stop medical shop: Pharmacy Mall

Emergencies are called so because of a reason. They occur at anytime and anywhere, leaving you unprepared to face them. The worst of them all is the medical emergency. Where would you run off to in the middle of a night for something that you cannot even find? But don’t despair! There is an avenue available that you can approach anytime and from anywhere for your medical needs.

Everything, everything:

  • Free shipping: On all your medical purchases, you can now save some money. They offer free shipping services on all purchases over USD 200. The most expensive sector till date is medicine, and continues to be so. And some pills are needed on a daily basis.So why not grab the opportunity to save as much as you can on it! Online shopping cuts out the middle man and saves cost for the company which it is willing to transfer over to you. Hence, they provide the same medicine at a lower cost.
  • Freebies: With every order you place, you are liable to stand some reward points. You can either choose to collect these for the time being or transfer them directly over to receiving free pills. This is not a promotion offer and is presented as a separate service to all its users. They come in handy when you have a nocturnal emergency but not are in possession of enough cash to pay for it. At such points of time, you can use your reward points to redeem a pill for free.
  • Low prices: As mentioned above they have completely eliminated the middle man from their business. This has made it possible to offer the same tablets at a lower price than what it commands in the market. At the end of the day, you end up with more money in your pocket; money that can be put to better uses or saved up for later.
  • Convenience: Not everybody is easy buying some particular pills from the pharmacy (like muscle relaxants, stimulants for male libido, anti-fungal, etc.) they can approach Pharmacy Mall free from all embarrassment that they would have felt otherwise. They host all these and more (from ED to BP and arthritis to depression); it provides a complete guide by displaying the constituent compound of the medicine so that you may look for an alternative if the one you seek is not available.

User’s testimonials:

Pharmacy Mall has been to the help of many and continues to garner more number of patrons every day. Those who have tried its services praise it for proving timely delivery and keeping the product in excellent condition. You get regular updates about your product right from the time you book till it gets delivered at your doorstep. The customer services are extremely supportive and look after every query you make. They make efforts to provide after sale services (like handling the customs and import duties and paperwork associated with it). All these factors have kept their user base loyal.